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    Adobe premier 11 wont shutdown!!


      I have a Mac 10.7.5 and just started using adobe photo elements & adobe premier elements 11. I have completed a slide show with audio on premier and when I save and go to close the programme, it wont close and i have to "force quit"

      Subsequently it only saves my project to the previous save i did and when re-opening I get asked where is audio or image blah blah located.To which I have to "skip all" and then re install the audio etc etc.

      Very frustrating & I'm beginning to think that our older adobe photo elements was far better in its choices of effects and far simpler to use. This is really doing my head in. Can any one help!!!


      And by the way the cropping feature in premier elements, "if I am doing this correct" is crap. You cannot seem to select the whole image (in size) in order to pan and zoom. Am I doing something wrong???


      Any help would be appreciated. Thank you