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    premeire elements wont shut down!!!


      I have a Mac 10.7.5 and just started using adobe photo elements & adobe premier elements 11. I have completed a slide show with audio on premier and when I save and go to close the programme, it wont close and i have to "force quit"

      Subsequently it only saves my project to the previous save i did and when re-opening I get asked where is audio or image blah blah located.To which I have to "skip all" and then re install the audio etc etc.

      Very frustrating & I'm beginning to think that our older adobe photo elements was far better in its choices of effects and far simpler to use. This is really doing my head in. Can any one help!!!


      And by the way the cropping feature in premier elements, "if I am doing this correct" is crap. You cannot seem to select the whole image (in size) in order to pan and zoom. Am I doing something wrong???


      Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          With the Crop feature, you simply go to Applied Effects and set all of the sides to 0%.


          Are you sure you're  talking about Cropping?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If PrE is not quitting properly, I would first make sure that it is not doing something, like Rendering, doing an Auto-Analyze or Saving. Otherwise, something is not working, as it should. Unfortunately, I am a PC-only guy, so am not the person to direct you in troubleshooting on a Mac, but Steve Grisetti is our resident Mac-guru.


            For "Where is file ____ ?" see this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4598705#4598705


            As for the Crop Effect, exactly what do you wish to do with it. Steve has covered its action, but your mention of Pan & Zoom, makes me think that you are trying to do something else. It could be that another Effect, like Track Matte Keying, or maybe the Garbage Matte Effect, would be the proper choice. Please go into as much detail, as you can, what exactly you wish to do.


            Good luck,



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              bpeels Level 1

              Thank you both for your replies. I will definatley try both suggestions.With the cropping, panning and zooming what i am trying to do is this. On a image in previous version of photo elements you were able to select cropping when making a slide show. What I would do is select the image, select cropping. Then I would select a square or rectangular area where the image would start appearing. Then the next select area (square or rectangular) would be where the image would end up at in that. Its was kind of a start & end point for an image. Then to add to this affect you could fade in to the first "cropping selection"so to speak and then fade out in the second "cropping selection". Then your slide show moves to the next image. All in all the transition between photos are a fade in & out affect, whilst the cropping feature let you pick areas of the photo that you wanted to highlight. You could select a small square or rectangle and the image would fade in "out of focus" but the second selected cropping point would be larger and the image ends up in focus.


              I hope this makes sense!!!  Anyway Steve I will try your suggestion and see how I go!


              Thank you

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                I have the same hanging up problem. Did you ever get this fixed? I have an iMac running on Lion iOS.

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                  VDOSurfer Level 3

                  Not shutting down is a problem. When you close Premiere Elements, the project is saved and only then it shuts down. If it is not able to save it completely, there could be issues:

                  1. Could you try to create an empty project, and simply shut it down? Does this work fine?

                  2. Is it a specific project that has this problem? What assets are used in that project? Any file from any hard-to-get location? (Locked drive/network/read-only folder etc.)

                  3. Remove some files from the project and then try to close it.

                  4. Does it not close at all? I mean how long have you waited for it to close?


                  If answers to these do not yield anything conclusive, we will have to look at what else is running at the same time and not allowing Premiere Elements to close. I do not have a MAC handy, so I cannot know if this is a generic problem.


                  You can also try to create a new user and then try the same project and the same steps. If it is the preferences that is causing this problem, that will be isolated with the new user.