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    What is the best way to relink multiple images to a file?

    Kratos27 Level 1

      Hi. I'm using a Mac and a demo of Indesign CS6.


      I've opened up a CS5.5 file I created on PC. When I do I get this message "This document contains 643 links to sources that are missing. You can find or relink the missing sources using the links panel." Now I know this means that Indesign is looking for the images in the specific file location that I had on my PC. But I assumed, because of the large file size, that the images were embedded in the file. But when I tried to output an epub of the file all the images were a terrible quality, which I assume is to do with the images not being linked in my Indesign file. So why does the Indesign file have to have the links to the images if they are clearly in the file?


      So to fix my problem I have to relink the images. One option is to put all the images in a folder on the Mac and individually relink them. This seems a very time-consuming process for the amount of images I have across multiple files. The broken links are from a folder labelled E:\ something on my old PC. Is there a way to change the folder that Indesign is looking in?