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    5.1 surround sound


        I am having problems with 5.1 surround sound. When I try to map the channels in set up there is only two channels.

      The sound card is built on to the motherboard a Asus P8277-V pro this as a reltec sound chip set. (this works OK with other programs)

      Also when making a Blue Ray disk with 5.1or a DVD surround-sound there is no sound from the rear.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          A couple of questions:


          • In Audio Hardware>ASIO, what are your settings and choices? Some users have found that they need the free driver, ASIO4All, to get their 5.1 on-board Audio to function properly.
          • For the Project, is it setup with a 5.1 Master?
          • Are you using the SurCode plug-in (optional), for your Encoding?


          Good luck,




          PS - Encore can author to DD 5.1 SS, with the proper AC3, but you can ONLY hear the Audio in passthrough mode, so you cannot monitor 5.1 SS in Encore, just author to it. All monitoring will need to be done in PrPro, or an audio-editing program, that handles DD 5.1 SS.

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            maljwill Level 1

            Hi Bill


            thanks for the reply


            the answer to your questions is as follows:


            ASIO settings devices available are speakers, optical output and coaxial



            in audio mapping there is only two speakers available front left and right.


            The master audio is set for 5.1.



            No I am not using SurCode for encoding, from the information available it

            would seem that this will not work with CS6, also the link from within the

            program seems not to work(returns page not found) and a search on the WEB

            reveals nothing.



            I have made some test DVD's and Blue Rays with different setting and none

            have produced a 5.1 sound out, (this is on my home surround sound system)

            ether there is no sound from the back of it is just the front sound at the




            I will try the ASIO4ALL and see if that works



            thanks for the help