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    Time-Stretch effect breaks Hold interporation animations. Why?

    Rodan_Shiner Level 1

      Hello. I use AE6 windows version.

      Sometimes I want to make "hold interporation animations" on some layers, and time-stretch compositions that contains layers with hold interporation animation, but if I time-stretch those compostions,it ruins the hold interporaton, and make them all linier interporation. This messes up all hold interporation animations.


      My layer nest is something like this.


      Parent Cmposition A


           Child Composition B(this composition is time-stretched, duration is 300% )


           Layer A (this has hold interporation animation )




      In this case, composition B in compositon A ruins the layer A's hold interporation animation if compositon B is time-stretched.Can I keep the hold interporation? Right now I pre-render the compositon B and replace it with movie file and time -stretch the movie file. Movie file doen't break the hold interporation of course.

      Please help me.