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    Can I use Adobe Digital Editions as a reader for my generated text files?


      I am developing a web application that generates a big amount of text (several hundreds of pages).   Can I use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) reader to read those text?   I would prefer ADE over Adobe PDF files because it is less page oriented.   It fits as much text as possible on the screen.  


      I want to know if I can convert this huge amount of text into Adobe Digital Editions?   More importantly, I want to know how best to do this.   I want the process to be automatic (no human involvement).


      1)    Is it best to generate the text data into a simple file (*.txt) and then find a software converter to Adobe Digital Editions file (probably using a stylesheet of some kind)?


      2)  Or, is it best to have a software library (in some computer language like Java, C#) that can generate Adobe Digital Editions files directly?


      Can somebody tell me if this sort of thing has been done in the past?   Are there tools for doing this today?


      Colbert Philippe