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    Difficulty calling a function using Action Builder

    TravisLandia1 Level 1

      I am trying to write my first script so understand it needs help.


      What I am trying to do is make a timesheet specific to my company.  I want to do automatic calulation when the monRegular box is entered.  I used action builder to help me set it up. 


      The error message I keep getting is:

      TypeError: this.resolveNode("TimeCalc").TimeCalculator() is not a function



      here is my script:



      function TimeCalculator()  {



           var f = form1.TimeSheet.monRegular.rawValue;



           f = form1.TimeSheet.monOut.rawValue - form1.TimeSheet.monLin.rawValue + form1.TimeSheet.monLout.rawValue - form1.TimeSheet.monOut.rawValue;


           TimeCalculator = f;



      what I am trying to is calculate time ate work and return that value.  I am unfamiliar with javascript.


      here is what Action Builder set up for me.




      form1.TimeSheet.monRegular::enter - (JavaScript, client)


      //+ GENERATED - DO NOT EDIT (ID:51E32615-7D96-4FF8-8EA8-F3A9D2BCD39D CRC:2494738674)

      //+ Type: Action

      //+ Result1: Custom("$Node2","TimeCalculator","","returnto","$Node1")

      //+ Node2: form1[0].TimeSheet[0].#variables[0].TimeCalc[0]

      //+ Node1: form1[0].TimeSheet[0].monRegular[0]

      //+ Condition1: NumericField("$Node1","entered","")

      //+ ActionName: monRegular.enter


      this.resolveNode("$").rawValue   = this.resolveNode("TimeCalc").TimeCalculator();




      Where can I go to find some good examples of how to set up fuctions and classes.  You can explain it to me all day but I need an example to understand it.