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    Syncing Albums


      I am using Photoshop Elements 7 and have sufficient online storage at Photoshop.com.  Sync is on for albums - and all show as synced when I look at my account information from the home page on Photoshop Elements program.  But when I go to my "page" at Photoshop.com none of the albums from 2012 appear (all from 2011 and before are there).  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Open the Organizer and ensure you are logged in then click the menu:

          Edit >> Preferences >> backup/Sync

          Check your settings are correct.



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            S&CDAD Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. This is why I am puzzled - the backup/sync setting is on - and it shows all my albums (right up to date) as synced - but on the photoshop.com site none of the albums created in 2012 appear - all the ones from 2011 and before are there.

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              18qwer Level 3

              In photoshop.com, click on Organize my Library and then press Refresh. Also check if you have space available in your account for more backup?

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                S&CDAD Level 1

                Thank you as well for responding - I will give refresh a try - after checking the space.

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                  18qwer Level 3

                  Hi SMILEHOUSE,


                  Are you able to resolve your problem?

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                    S&CDAD Level 1

                    Thank you for asking.  No, I have tried refresh several times and still cannot see any of the albums I created after mid-January, 2011 on my computer on the photoshop.com website (all of the ones created before mid-January 2011 are thereon the photoshop.com site and intact).  All of the ones from after mid-January 2011 are listed on my computer of course - and inexplicably show on the list of desktop organizer items that have a check mark showing as "sync" with the photoshop.com site when you go to backup/synchronization (under backup settings).  I have >14 GB of free space so that should not be an issue.  Any ideas?  Again, thanks.