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    Where to install DNG Converter in PS5


      Hey... I cannot figure out where to put the new DNG Converter. The download is intalling itself in a folder (within PS5) but it is not recognized by the program at the time of use!!!

      I am on a PC. 



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Photoshop does not integrate with the DNG Converter at all.


          YOU have to run the DNG Converter as a standalone application  on the folder in which you have raw files, to convert them to DNG files.  Be aware that it won't show you thumbnails of your files - it will only allow you to select the folder.


          Photoshop already knows how to open DNG files, right out of the box, so once you've run the DNG Converter, just open the .DNG files in Photoshop through Camera Raw.