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    Transition Between Tracks?

    hyperphonics Level 1

      I'm new to Premiere and I did search for an answer to this. When I add a transition between clips that are on the same track, I can drag it so that the transition occurs exactly at the midpoint of the two clips (centered at the cut point) so the two clips blend seamlessly. I can also adjust the duration of the transition or the start and end points as usual.


      But when I try to add a transition between clips that are on DIFFERENT tracks (even though they're still one after the other), I only have the option to have the transition occur totally at the end of the first clip or totally at the beginning of the second clip. It doesn't allow me to drag it "in between" so it'll blend. Is there a way to do this or do I have to move all my video to the same track?


      I opened up the effect controls and I can adjust the duration of the transition but it still doesn't allow me to actually cross the transition between the two tracks. I see an option in the controls called ALIGNMENT and it seems like that might be where I'd be able to change this however, it's grayed out when the clips are on different tracks. Any thoughts? Thanks!