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    "Scan Line" in playback window - software issue?



      New CS6 Premiere Set-up

      New Fresh win7 64bit install

      P9x79 Mobo - 64MB RAM


      3 Drives:

      OS - Raid 0  (2 - corsair force SSDs - 350 GB total) - 900/500MB Reads/writes

      Clips - Raid 10 (14 - 2 GB WD blacks - Areca controller#1 - 12.7 TB total) - 1000/1000 MB Read/writes

      scratch/preview - Raid 0 (9 - corsair force SSDs - Areca controller#2 - 1.6 TB) - 3000/3000 MB Read/writes (yes - I know ;->)


      Video - single GTX680 running HP 30" monitor



      The setup is running silky smooth (it should be) and is effortlessly editing 1080P60 mts footage.....shot on Panasonic HDC-HS700.

      But - I get to some clips and that will have a quick (couple frame) "scan line" (or video offset by a couple pixels) in around the middle of the screen on full playback (at any resolution).  Almost looks like an old VHS tape artifact.  If I stop playback on the clip - will quickly jump to a correct looking frame. Nothing is on the clip (edits, effects, etc.).

      Seems like a video card issue with premiere - as the files play fine out of premiere.


      In troubleshooting:

      - If I advance timeline a frame at a time they will NOT appear.

      - They are there (consistently) in clip if I play the clip fast or slowly - so they appear in the same frame same location each time.

      - Create a new fresh project - bring in clips and they will be there again (same with deleting rendered media)

      - The clips play PERFECTLY in windows media player or any other viewer....issue is just in premiere's preview window(so I am suspecting premiere)

      - Haven't seen if clips exported from premiere contain issues... 

      - Video card and system overall is not taxed during playback at all - no lag, just this weird offset.


      I've tried:

      - Reinstalling Nvidia video drivers up and down list (all play the same)

      - Change preview resolution - no difference.


      Like I said - these clips play fine everywhere else - so I don't think it is an issue with the clips or video card


      Any ideas?