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    Help authorizing ADE between old PC and new Macbook


      Hi there, I have a PC with ADE and I deauthorized it - then I downloaded ADE on the Macbook and entered my Adobe ID, but it failed to authorize because it says the ID is still associated with another computer and/or device. Do I need to deauthorize my Nook... then authorize my Macbook... then authorize my Nook again?


      Please advise the steps.


      P Kennedy

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          sjpt Level 4

          Not really answering the original post, but an associated comment.


          I have authorized/registered on two different PCs with no issue.  Twice on one of them as I moved OS from Vista to Win8.

          Also on two 'slave' devices registered via ADE on a PC (Bookeen Opus and Sony PRS-350), and an iPad.

          All the above simultaneously registered without issue.  Mostly using ADE 1.7.2 because of other issues with ADE 2.0.


          According to http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/digital-editions/faq.html you can register up to six devices,

          so looks as if I am getting close ....  But it doesn't look as if you should be having any issue.


          I can't find anywhere where you can ask how many devices you have registered and what they are.

          Does anyone know of such a resource?  It should be available from ADE or from a logged in web page.