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    Assessment form help, please!


      I've taken over updating a Robohelp project created years ago. The project includes an assessment that the user fills out, submits, then receives a "pass/fail" message.

      For some reason, the submit button stopped working a few weeks ago when I republished the project (I'd only changed the text in another topic, so I have no idea what happened).

      I now need to figure out:

      1. How to "tell" the submit button what to do
      2. How this could have broken when all I did was change the text in another topic.

      Here's what I know (not much...)

      1. After the user clicks "submit," an ASP file looks at the responses and spits back the pass/fail results. The ASP file is located on a server.

      2. I've looked at the True Code and I can't find anything that clues me in as to what's happening with the submit button.

      3. I've looked at the submit button properties and can't find anything.

      4. I've right-clicked to look for a "form properties," but there is no "form properties" option, just "table properties," which lets me format differently, but again gives me no info about what that button is doing.

      5. The web developer gave me some code to type into the True Code to fix the problem, but lucky me, I currently only have read-only rights to the server and so my project wasn't saved. That code is now lost and the developer is on vacation and I'm on my own until he gets back to help me out again. In any case, the code referenced the ASP file and it was only one line long.

      6. I called the original author of the project, but it was 6 years ago when this was created, so all he remembered was setting up the questions, not the submit button.

      Can anyone help me figure out how to "tell" the submit button that it's supposed to "talk to" the ASP file on the server?

      Thank you!!
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          Roger N Level 2
          CAM -

          Hard to say without seeing the form, but somewhere, you should have a <FORM> tag, with an "action=" property. You might use something like: <FORM action=" http://yoursite.com/prog/pass_fail.asp" method="post"> .

          Otherwise, you could post the page for us to examine...
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            CAM2124 Level 1
            Thanks, Roger.

            I did find a command by selecting "view source" on the HTML file. The command looks something like this:

            FORM action=assessmentResults.asp method=post

            So, I tried to copy that into the True Code (highlighted below):




            <!--(Generated Code)================================================-->
            <!--(WARNING: DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE THIS SECTION!)==================-->
            <!--FORM action=assessmentResults.asp method=post>


            But it won't save. I save the project, generate it, and when I open it again, the code is gone.

            So, now I have yet another question: why isn't the true code saving?

            Would it help to post the actual HTML file? Or more of the True Code page?

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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi CAM2124

              What you posted would seem to indicate RoboHelp has "helped you out" by altering the form information. If you will look closely, you will see that you posted this:

              <!--FORM action=assessmentResults.asp method=post>

              Notice that you only have a single valid form tag. The one that looks like this: <form>. So you need to edit it to add the action bit. Make it look like this:

              <form action=assessmentResults.asp method=post>

              The other tag, the one that looks like this: <!--FORM action=assessmentResults.asp method=post> is actually a comment I believe, so it is being ignored.

              Make the changes in TrueCode, then click the Save All button. Then immediately click a different topic to call it into the editor. Then retry things and see if it suddenly springs back to life.

              Cheers... Rick :)