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    Apparent Photoshop Memory Leak


      Over the last couple months I have been having what seems to be a memory leak problem with Photoshop. I'll be working on a document nice as can be, my screen will freeze, go black, then return with my graphics drivers telling me that it has just recovered from a failiure. At this time photoshop will not respond, and I am forced to close it, and lose all the work I have done.


      The crashes usually happen when I am transforming objects, however it has happened while using vector, and raster tools like the pen, and brush.


      I have been having this problem ever since I switched laptops from an Acer Aspire (Pentium 6 integrated win8 4gb RAM), to an Acer V3 (AMD A10 amd radeon 7660m win8 6gb RAM). On my last laptop that was noticably worse in terms of hardware, with this new laptop I've been having worse problems.


      I use CS6 on both systems.


      I have up to date graphics drivers, and I have updated photoshop to the latest patch (as of 16th December).


      I am also not able to limit the amount of vram photoshop is allowed to use through the preferences, and it keeps resetting itself (every time the program crashes).


      Part of me wants to blame the AMD APU that's in their A10 CPU, but I am not able to pin it on that system just yet.

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          xzenocrimzie Level 1


          I have updated Photoshop CS6 to 13.0.1 (or whatever the most recent update is.), and a problem that I had when I first installed the program returned.


          I had problems with the screen flickering black when I would do normal actions on photoshop when I first started using CS6. After I downloaded a graphics driver update, the problem was fixed. However after the most recent photoshop patch, the problem arose. I have yet to find out if it still crashes.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            xzenocrimzie wrote:

            I have up to date graphics drivers


            With an ATI card, unfortunately that's not the right approach.  AMD has fallen on its face lately.  Maybe they lost the guy who knows what he's doing, I don't know.


            Try switching Photoshop's advanced GPU setting to Basic, and close and restart Photoshop.


            If you've already done that, and it's not working, seek out Catalyst 12.8 and see if it's available for Windows 8.  That's a decent (though not perfect) recent version.  You'll have to uninstall the current version first in order to install the earlier one.


            I have some hope for 12.12, but so far they've been completely unresponsive to my reports of problems with 12.10 and the newer betas.  Apparently the Adobe engineering people can't get them to move on these problems either.  Somehow it seems Windows 8 caught them off guard, even though Microsoft had released all those previews.  But don't fret; 12.10 and newer don't work worth a darn in Windows 7 either.



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              xzenocrimzie Level 1

              I was figuring that AMD and Adobe are fighting a bit when an old problem arose with a new patch from the other company. I've submitted the problem myself, and hopefully there'll be a reply.


              As far as the issue at hand, changing the detail back (yes back, all the preferences apparently like to reset themselves back to advanced), the flickering went away, and I have yet to experience a crash in the last 15 minutes. If the program crashes again I will reply with an update.

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                Level 7

                No fighting involved. We are still working quite closely on AMD with bugs and process issues.

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                  I have the same problem. Since win8 install - CS6 would run out of memory.  So I went back to CS4 and - WELL same thing (but not as quickly)  this happens everytime I use image processor for batch processing proofs which is my primary use for photoshop.


                  I have Pentium, with win8 pro and Nvidia card GeForce 9800 GTX+


                  I have latest driver installed.


                  ANY solutions for this?