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    Format constraints for the MPEG2


      I am currently working on a project for an arena client where the the final render is an MPEG2 7680x2160. Looks like the MPEG2 format constrained to 1920x1080 as a maxsize.  I've found some articles about a work around for WMV and AVI formats, but nothing thus far for MPEG2. I'm currently working on CS5, but I have tried CS6 (30day trial) to see if there were some different options.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There is no way to break the constraints. It's inherent in the MPEG specifications and I doubt that's what your client is using, anyway. Either they use a custom, "hacky" CoDec that may be based on MPEG algorithms, but is specifically tied to their playback hardware or they actualyl produce multiple synced HD streams from the huge input file. That's how it is usually doen for event liefe video.... Native 8k or even 4k playback would be so expensive, no client would pay for it.



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            lukuspence Level 1

            I will bet that they are using a "hacky" verision. Possibly a properietary codec developed by the maker of the Board they are using. I contacted them about the issue to see if they had more info on the codecs their board can use. Looks like there might be a way to do it through older verisions of AE (CS4 and CS3). This might be how the hacky verision was done.  Thanks for the quick reply.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Many codecs have specific frame size requirements to that the compression math will work. Only lossless or codecs that just count pixels are not restricted by frame or pixel block size requirements. Some codecs are also restricted by frame rate.


              Since this is an arena project and you know the final output size someone must have the specifications for file delivery. You need to talk to them. It's no different than sending a print job to a press or a digital file to a film printer. Each piece of gear has their own delivery specifications. If you do not ask what their specifications are you are unlikely to come up with the right solution on your own.

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                Kalle Ståhlberg



                I runned into similar challenge.

                I must render 1080x 1920 mpeg 2 file for Pandoras box, Ae error report says:


                warning output file will be resized from 1080 x 1920 (1.00 PAR) to 1080 x 1088 to meet format constraints


                Does it mean that it is not possible to render mpeg2 file with this reso or is there some render setting details whitch i dont notice?





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                  dkitsov Level 2

                  Why do you need to render 1080x1920? this would make a video that is Vertical. [ ] instead of [      ]

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                    Kalle Ståhlberg Level 1



                    Yup, we have few videowalls (made of a number of nec led-displays) which are build to vertical format.

                    There is manager at Pandorasbox which could convert the files to .mpeg2 files.


                    generally would be useful to have custom reso settings to different file formats, those DVD settings are sooo limited!





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                      dkitsov Level 2

                      1. There is no consumer or professional device that outputs 1080x1920.

                      2. No consumer or pro video device will accept resolution of 1080x1920.

                      3. There are no DVD disk or players that can play 1920 by 1080 or 1080 by 1920.

                      4. What happens to a landscape photograph, when you turn it on its side so it is now in a vertical orientation?

                      4A. Precompose. Change to a legal format, fit and rotate if needed.

                      5. Highly reccomend hiring a professional video wall motion graphics person to complete your project.


                      All of this is so very basic as far as video and AE goes, and I am afraid if these are not understood there going to be further, more complicated issues with your project.

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                        Kalle Ståhlberg Level 1




                        And thanks for the tip´s!!

                        But we are not talking about dvds!


                        Check this clip out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X75C8RRNEOI

                        Isnt that pretty neat? What is most certain that the backround master control is not a DVD player!


                        I´am searching tips to render/ convert my weird -resolution clips to .mpeg2 with Adobe kits.


                        Ok, maybe we should hire you! You seem reeally wiseguy!





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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          What dkitsov is trying to tell you is that MPEG-2 is a standard for very specific output types, specifically for television, not for arbitrary sizes.


                          If you want output with different dimensions, don't use MPEG-2.

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                            ali arvin


                            Yup, i got it! Thanks.

                            But the point is why i am askin the question,

                            that the best video format for Pandoras box is MPEG2, Constant Bitrate, Progressive, Elemetary Stream!