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    CS5 "QuickTime not installed"


      I've done some searching on the forums and found some solutions but none seem to work for me. I restarted windows in Safe Mode and everything worked fine. While in safe mode, I opened Task Manager and took note of the Processes that were running. All three executables were listed:


      "AfterFX, Adobe QT32 Server.exe, and dynamiclinkmanager.exe"


      But when I boot up normally and open AE, it gives me the "QuickTime is not installed on this system" warning. With that notification still up, I opened Task Manager and Noticed  the absence of the "Adobe QT32 Server.exe"


      My firewall is off and security software is disabled so I know they aren't the problem. Help?


      I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. QuickTime 7.7.3 and reinstalled it to make sure it wasn't the problem. Reinstalled AE, didn't help.