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    Avoiding Duplicating Classes\Components in Multi-Swf application

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      I am building a SWF that serves as an application shell, which controls the
      loading of "pages" of content (other SWFs). We may use some components and
      build custom classes that will be used no only in the shell but in the
      individual pages.

      My question is: Is there any way I can load these classes and components
      into the shell ONLY and not in the individual page SWFs?

      For example. If I want to use a button component, but I don't want to
      publish each page with the component because we would exponentially increase
      the file size. If I could load it once in the shell, it would cost me 27K.
      If I have to load it on each of the 50+ pages, we're talking over a 1300K
      just for that one component.

      I'm open to all suggestions.


      Chris Hayes
      Technical Manager
      Maritz Learning