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    Quality and or Sharpness question


      Hello everyone!


      So as of this moment I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and I'm having some trouble with my video quality.


      I am recording with Fraps. The setting are fine recording with 30 FPS and the raw footage looks amazing. I have a very good computer and it has no problem capturing at 60 fps let alone 30 fps.
      regardless the raw footage look perfect.



      Now my problem is that when I render out my videos are not the same quality. My setting are set to 1080p youtube and I am recording in 1080p.


      My project settings are DSLR 30 fps 1080p
      rendering with H.264 and everything to match my raw footage and max out my quality with youtube.


      1920 1080p fps to match fraps (30) widescreen 16:9 level 4.2 use max render quality bitrate top 8 bottom 10


      Its strange that it seems like the quality is worse and that its not as sharp.  I am watching in full screen though and I am EXTREMLY picky. I don't know if this is just a result of my files being compressed and I lose a bit of quality? I believe I also did a test with the blue ray settings or whatever and I still got the same result. just seems to me that its odd that my raw footage is better than my rendered one but my best guess is that its it because it is compressed? any tips or advice feed back will be helpful!                                                                    


      I am not very experienced at all with this stuff but I do know that my setting match that of 1080p youtube and also match my settings of my raw footage. there is a significant  difference though!To put in a nutshell am I being to picky or is there something I'm doing wrong?


      P.S I am getting with the times just ordered Elements 11 and also I will not be able to reply asap as I am putting this out before I sleep but I will get back to you asap.