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    Disable Edit Point Selection

    Jim_Simon Level 8

      An old thread turned back up recently and reminded me of this.  I know a lot of keyboard editors requested edit point selection and Adobe has catered to that request.  Unfortunately, a lot of us combo editors (keyboard/mouse) are now stuck with a feature that actually slows down the edit process.  I'd love to return to the way 5.5 worked in this regard - no edit point selection, and only Slide or Ripple edits available with the normal Selection tool (V), with Rolling edits requiring the switch to the Rolling Edit tool (N).  So, here is a Feature Request that can be copied/pasted into the Adobe form.



      Please add a new option under Edit>Preferences>General... labeled "Allow Edit Point Selection".  With this option checked, Premiere Pro would function as it does in CS6 and the user would be able to select edit points in the sequence.  With it unchecked, Premiere Pro would function as it did in 5.5 and no such selection would be possible.


      Regardless of how that box is checked, please remove the ability to perform Rolling Edits when the standard Selection Tool is being used (V) as it actually interferes when trying to access the normal Slide or Ripple edit functionality.  For Rolling Edits, we have a Rolling Edit tool.  We do not need that functionality doubled up.