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    Extending Flash Javascript


      After finding out about the capabilities of (java)scripting in Photoshop, I'm curious to know if there's similar functionality for Flash.


      After some searching I found the 'Extending Flash'-documentation (please direct the currently inactive Flash Javascript-link on the Developers homepage to this page, it took me a while to find it), which seems to work fine but is rather shallow compared to the javascript possibilities in Photoshop.


      My questions:

      - Has there been any work on this since the CS4 scripting guide I found? Perhaps some functionality is complemented by Flex SDK, but I'm specifically looking for the functionality to automate the Flash Authoring Environment, for instance to have a swift way to replace texts, symbols or bits of ActionScripts in a SWF-file.

      - Is there a listener for Flash IDE like there is for Photoshop, i.e. a tool that converts your actions in Flash to JS-code?