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    dot syntax question

      Ok - this question will make it obvious that I've only been doing this for a little over a month...

      I need to access a movie clip inside another movie clip inside another movie clip... ie:
      mcThingOne.mcThingTwo.mcThingThree._x = 15;

      Here's the hang up - the second level is dynamically created. So, instead of "mcThingTwo" it would be something more like "mcThing14" or "mcThing5" or "mcThing35".

      I need to be able to use one line of code to reference the movie clip (with it's number defined by a variable, let's say, "nX") something like:
      mcThingOne."mcThing"+nX.mcThingThree._x = 99;

      Obviously, that doesn't work - but it feels so basic that there must be a way I'm not seeing.

      Thanks again!