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    Adobe Preview Agent TCP Port

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      Running Adobe Central output Pro ver. 5.6

      I'm working and testing to use Jetform and Adobe preview agent with terminal server. I have issues with port 2097 , is there any way I can change the port number and change it to intervals like: 2097- 3097 ?


      Some details:

      I'm Running Windows server 2008 terminal server, configured IP virtualization. Every user logging on getting a Virtual IP address.

      Adobe view manager is installed and running on the TS, user1 recives the first PDF file from Jetform no problem.

      But user2 revices error "Socket error in Bind- Error 10048 Only one usage of each socket address(protocol/network adress/port is normally permitted)".

      when running netstat -a I see  " TCP           "TS01:0"           LISTENING".

      I guess we can only use port 2097 once at the time!? Is there any workaround for this issue?

      Is there maybe another command line option for  instead or that can work with “ -host=""  or -host= "user1"“ ?



      This is how the job command line looks like in the file.

      ^JOB FKR034P -Host="" -C01 -Z"PDF"


      There isn’t that much OPTIONS is the jfpvagent.ini file!


      Any help will be appreciated.