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    Masking works in preview but not when published

      I am dynamically loading higher-res images into a movie clip that
      correspond to the place in a 360 degree rotation the main clip is at,
      then resizing that movie clip to "zoom" the image. Since I don't want
      to overflow the whole screen, I've created another movie clip that
      masks the loader movie clip.

      When I preview the flash file, it works perfectly. When I publish the
      file, the mask doesn't get applied. Thoughts?

      zoom_btn.onPress = function(){
      if(iszoomed == false){
      loadMovie("zoomimages/" + Math.floor((_currentframe-4)/3) +
      "big.jpg", image_mc);

      zoom_btn.onRelease = function(){
      if(iszoomed == false){
      Loading progress loop begins, extra code

      if (pcLoaded >= 99){loader_mc._alpha = 0;
      image_mc._visible = true;
      myMask_mc._visible = true;

      .....Loading progress loop ends}

      iszoomed = true;