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    Photoshop CS6  transparent mask causing problems when saved as RGB Tiff and placed into CS5 Indesign


      Is anyone aware of a gray/black halo around feathered transparency objects. The halo occurs where the solid area of pic feathers to the transparent.


      NOTE: Image looks fine in Photoshop(CS6) but when placed as an RGB TIFF into Indesign (CS5) a black halo appears on page. See visual explanation below.






      This only happens when image is an RGB Tiff and layer mask is used to create transparency. If image is saved as .psd then it is fine. Also when RGB tiff is converted to CMYK then this is also ok.



      I look forward to anyone's suggestions.


      Ideally I could just start using psd format, but I have to handle alot of images that are already in RGB tiff and it is time consuming to have to open and re-save all of these.


      Adobe Photoshop CS5 RGB tiffs are still working fine.








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