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    trouble with disappearing image in table --

      This is totally weird and I can't figure out why it's happening.

      I'm new to DW8, although I have used a much older version of DW a lot.

      No matter how I create the header for http://www.amafca.org/convertedindex.htm, the very top banner image is getting stripped when I put the page online for testing.

      Currently, I'm using a table, where the img src is correctly listed as table data for that cell. Test perfectly locally. Then I use ACE FTP 3 to upload the page to the website for testing. All the graphics are where they are supposed to be. BUT...the top portion of the banner isn't showing up! Looking at the source code, the "img src" link for that cell is totally empty -- the code has been stripped from the page!!!!!

      How is that possible? Is ACE FTP doing it? How and why? (I've never even heard of an ftp program stripping out code!!!)

      I suppose I need to just go ahead and wade through getting the DW ftp set up so I can use it for this test page, and see if the info is still being stripped. But has anyone heard of this sort of thing happening before?


      Pam at amafca