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    When painting a light over a dark, at low opacity, i am getting an even darker color. How to fix?


      I'm using version 1.4, running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Both when I set the pen pressure to opacity control, and when setting the brush to an overall lower opacity, my light color turns a reddish dark where it overlaps my dark color, almost as though i'm using the burn tool. i havent noticed this problem before, and i've been constistenly using pstouch to paint, since i bought this tablet nearly 3 weeks ago. I'm painting a dark muted orange over a slightly darker, slightly more intense (but still mainly muted) red. It looks almost like a watermark effect. each transparent brushstroke has sort of a fringe around it where it looks as though simulated pigments collect in a concentrated way, creating a dark ring around my slightly less dark  brush mark.


      This might be related to a color picker problem i have consistently noticed. it seems that the color picker tends to pick darker versions of the colors i sample. this might have something to do with the fact that my brush is usually set up with less than 100% opacity, and maybe, for some reason, the color picker is programmed to compensate for that. In any case, the color sampler doesnt work fully as it should, and this obviously affects my ability to use lowered opacity to blend colors together.



      That said, even when i sample a color, then manually lighten it to match the lightness of the sampled color, i still get a burn tool effect when making transitions between my slightly darker and slightly lighter warm mute dark colors, using a color with lowered opacity. the only way to make the lighter color lighter than the darker color, is to simply bring it to full opacity, but then i get no transition between the the colors.


      I assume this is a bug that needs to be fixed, but if anyone knows of anything i might be able to do in order to solve this problem, I'd really appreciate it.