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    Menu Color By Script


      Hi Experts,

              I'm trying to createa Menu in ID which contains submenus, and I want to apply color for that menu. It can be done manually by Edit--> Menus... --> Selecting the menu, In side of that menu, we can change color, it'll be take effect on menu. But I've to do it with Automation using Javascript.I googled a lot to achieve this. But I can't find it, even in this forum too... That's why I'm asking this question to ID Experts. And the menu I'm adding having submenus(Showing > symbol,)only I can able to add colors manually. Other menu items which doesn't have sub menus, I can't able to apply color manually too... Can you guide me Experts!!!!!!!!

      I tried the below codes. But I can't find the color property.


      var menuName = app.menuActions.itemByID(6146);

      var x = menuName;


      var y = x.properties;







      Thanks and Regards,