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    Activate MPEG in Premiere Elements 9


      Elements 9 is prompting me to activate MPEG.   It give a code and a URL.   The URL redirects to an ad for Elements 11.   I found the activation page manually but putting in the code generated by elements just causes the page to reload with the word error in the URL.   I am sat at work needing to edit video from the work camera on a laptop with no internet, so am transferring codes etc via USB drive to work computer that does have internet access.


      How can I activate MPEG for Elements 9?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Since version 10, the program has activated its components automatically.


          I would recommend you contact Adobe Tech Support and see what they recommend.

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            Kirkoid Level 1

            Hi, thanks for the reply.   The issue was that the laptop I was using has no internet access when I'm at work, so I was trying to use the URL and code supplied by copying to a text file then opening on my dinosaur of a work PC.


            In the end I solved the problem by downloading Blackberry Desktop Software on the work PC then installing it on the laptop via flash drive.   I was then able to use my phone to provide internet access to the laptop and the activation happened automatically.