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    How to update bindItems data for a Field ?


      Dear All,


      I have a standalone PDF form where into a Field I have binded some data as dropdown. Please see my PDF's XML source for binded data.


                          <field h="18mm" name="TAG" w="30mm">
                                   <border presence="hidden">
                                      <?templateDesigner StyleID aped0?></border>
                             <font typeface="Arial"/>
                             <margin bottomInset="1mm" leftInset="1mm" rightInset="1mm" topInset="1mm"/>
                             <para vAlign="middle"/>
                             <bind match="dataRef" ref="$.sap-vhlist.REC_ITEM.DATA[*].TAG.DATA[*]"/>
                                <edge presence="hidden"/>
                                <corner presence="hidden" thickness="0.1778mm"/>
                             <bindItems labelRef="LINES" ref="$record.REC_ITEM.DATA[*].TAG.DATA[*]" valueRef="LINES"/>


      Now, I am getting proper data from binding for TAG field. But, whenever I have tried to modify offline the binding data by using javascript code "TAG.addItem(...New Value...)" and save the pdf document and again open the document all the updated new data has been lost, only previous data exist.