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    WinHelp 2000 Bookmarks

    maniac9999 Level 1
      Someone at my company told me that this is happening, so I just want to confirm something and also ask a question:

      We deliver WinHelp 2000 output to our programming team, then they load it up to the server. As part of the testing process, they created bookmarks to topics. When we delivered the next version of the help project, the bookmarks were apparently cleared.

      Can we "fix" it so that the bookmarks are NOT cleared?

      The RoboHelp for Word help file states that bookmarks are stored in either the WinHelp.BMK or WinHlp32.BMK in \Windows, but when I tried to search for it after I added a couple of bookmarks to a standalone WinHelp 2000 output, I couldn't find the corresponding .BMK file.

      Is there any way to disable and hide the Bookmark functionality from WinHelp 2000 outputs?

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          Roger N Level 2
          Jim -

          Bookmarks go the way of the Annotations with each new generation of the Winhelp file. sorry.

          You can usually find the .bkm files in the applications/help directory of your particular OS.

          I can't seem to disable that particular menu element. Must be a WH2000 dll issue.

          Usually, this would work, in the Startup macros:

          RegisterRoutine("USER", "EnableMenuItem", "uuu")
          RegisterRoutine("USER", "GetSubMenu", "u=uu")
          RegisterRoutine("USER", "GetMenu", "u=u")
          RegisterRoutine("USER", "GetActiveWindow", "u=")
          EnableMenuItem(GetSubMenu (GetMenu (GetActiveWindow()), 2), 0, 1027)

          but it doesn't. I was wondering, would removing the entire menu row do?