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    RoboHelp Problem with IE9

    friedlanders Level 1

      I'm currently working with RoboHelp HTML, RH8 on Windows XP - my browser is IE8.


      I always review my published Helps on the IE8 browser. Recently, I asked one of my co-workers, who has Windows 7 and IE 9 to proofread the work.In the published version, she found that certain words did not show on the screen near drop-down and expanding links. (As you might imagine, this was pretty difficult to find - it only came to light when she was trying to figure out why I was centering a phrase - I wasn't - the words on either side of a piece of java script weren't displaying.) This does not seem to happen consistently (meaning the text shows in most situations next to java text) and the html and other code seem fine. There is no problem in IE8.


      All the words print perfectly - and if she highlights the missing words, they display on the screen. Highlight off - no text shows.


      Once I know there is a problem, I can go in and redo it in a slightly different way and it comes out fine. But I can't figure out anything consistent that I can do to solve this. I have thousands of topics that are probably affected by whatever the problem is - but will probably hold off trying to deal with this because most of our users are using IE8 right now. I imagine, however, that updates will be coming soon (these are state and county users - change comes slowly).


      I have seen reports of other problems with IE9. Does anyone have any idea what may be going on in my case and if there is any way to resolve it (easily, if possible)?


      Thanks for any assistance.