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    CF9 Problems with Select * query, resulting in Value can not be converted to requested type.


      So, I work on a legacy CF web site and there are numerous SELECT * FROM USERS_TABLE queries all over the site.


      Well, we changed the structure of said table in the database on our Testing and Staging sites, with no issues.


      When we pushed up to our production environment and changed the structure of the production DB table, the server kept kicking back "Value can not be converted to requested type."


      After doing some searching out there, it looks like CF caches the structure of the table, and you either have to restart CF to clear it, or rename and then name-back the DSN to fix the issue.

      http://www.bennadel.com/blog/194-ColdFusion-Query-Error-Value-Can-Not-Be-Converted-To-Requ ested-Type.htm


      That said, this doesn't happen in our testing and staging environments - so what would be the difference?


      Is there some setting I need to change in the CF Admin to keep this from happening again?