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    Cannot install CF10 on IIS 6 (32 bit)


      A couple of weeks ago, I managed to succesfully install CF10 Standard edition on our dev server (also Server 2003 32bit) with few problems, over an existing CF9 installation, using the migration tool and the non-secure installation option.  The whole thing took less than an hour, including installation of all the necessary hotfixes and manually recreating my scheduled tasks.  I should note that on our dev server we only have one website set up.  It's been running fine since the installation, including "playing nice" with CF Builder 2.


      Yesterday, I attempted the exact same installation process on our production server, which has multiple sites set up, but is otherwise the same setup as the dev server.  It took roughly two and a half hours just to get through all of those installation screens to that first login screen in CFAdmin, and then another 30 minutes or so to log in for the first time.  Once logged in, I installed the mandatory update and went back to the CF Admin screen.  It simply wouldn't open.  After four hours (during which time our site was down), I finally threw in the towel, uninstalled CF10, and then reverted back to our trusty CF9 installation.


      I'd like to try again, but not until I can figure out what might have caused this insanely sluggish performance?  I didn't find any errors in either the CF10 logs or the IIS logs.  Technically, no errors were thrown -- it simply took forever and ultimately didn't load in at all.


      Has anyone else had a similar experience in IIS6 with multiple sites?  I should note that I also used the webserver configuration tool in both cases.  Am I missing a setting in IIS?  Maybe this is a firewall issue (except both servers have the same Windows Firewall settings).


      To reiterate -- the only difference between the successful install and the failed one (that I can think of) was:


      1) Non-secure installation versus secure installation on the failed one

      2) Only one site versus a few sites on the failed one


      Any help would be very much appreciated.  Thanks.