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    How to create a basic catalogue with reflowing pages


      The answer for this must already be out there, but I'm not finding it. I need to create a very basic catalogue with a picture field and a text field for each entry. The catalogue will be updated monthly, with new entries appearing anywhere in the list. Originally, I thought about using a liquid layout, one with one entry per page, the other with five, which would allow new pages to be put in as needed, whereever. Alas, that was a misunderstanding of how liquid layout works.


      The catalogue will be converted into a PDF or—less likely—an intranet page for internal distribution.


      If anyone can point me to a tutorial for creating a simple catalogue that doesn't require a third-party extention (although pulling data from Excel would be fine), I'd be much obliged. I've never done any scripting for InDesign or substantive XML work, but I'm willing to learn if I can find the right training resource(s).



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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          Note - I have not done this, but


          For more than a basic layout or frequent updates you would benefit from a Plugin; but, to your specific position you could start with a Data Merge. All the text (variables) and links to the images would need to be built in Excel.

          Peform a Data Merge.

          When updates are required, they would be made within the Excel file, saved as .csv (or .txt) and within InDesign's Data Merge, choose Update Records.


          Google Search - InDesign TV Data Merge Catalog