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    trouble with AI transp in INDD CS6

    sconz Level 1

      [CS6 on Mac]

      I have a vector illustration with highlights created with gradient+screen and a shadow created with gradient+multiply. When I imported into INDD I was getting a solid ring around my highlights. So I re-saved the AI to v8 (the only version that allowed me access to the transparency flattener settings! All other versions of AI had those settings greyed out). That solved the issue of my highlights perfectly -- nice smooth fade to transparent. BUT, now my shadow, which previously was no problem, is banding. I went back to the AI, and with the transp flattener showing "high", I saved again, but this time as a version CS6 AI, but this did not solve the issue. I could easily re-create the shadow in INDD but I want to send this file out to others without these little time bombs in it. Thoughts??