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    How can I export to an SWF format without it looping playback?


      Hey all,

      I'm somewhat new to After Effects, but my buddy and I created a video that we NEED to export as a SWF file that doesn't loop playback. Unfortunately, when we tried exporting to a SWF in AE CS6 (on a Mac), it didn't work or even give us an error. Instead, we exported to an MOV file and then compressed that and converted it to a SWF file with Total Video Converter Pro as a sort of workaround. That didn't give us the ability to set the loop playback to "off" however, so now the SWF just plays the video (14 seconds long) over and over.


      Obviously we don't have a Flash file that we can just edit with an Action Script or anything--the video was done in AE and I can't see how else we could work around that other than if there is a setting in After Effects to export to a SWF with loop playback disabled.


      Has anyone ever experienced this issue before, and is there any way we might be able to do this?