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    Gallery application images access on Android


      Photoshop touch does not have access to the images in the gallery of the nexus 10, the gallery includes lots of photos taken previously by other android devices i have or uploaded via picasa. Beside, also the creative cloud is a nice feature, accessing images in the Google Drive, Google+, box.com and Dropbox is a must, and is an integral part of other applications.

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          ibarrien Adobe Employee



          sorry to hear about you experiencing this issue.

          How many images are "lots of photos"? And are they on a card or on the device itself?


          Its always good if you try to keep issues and feature requests in different posts in order for us to be able to help and for others to vote on them.

          Here we call them Ideas (you can also check if someone already posted it for you to vote for):





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            ibotser Level 1

            Thanks for your reply, but you are not helpful.

            It does not matters how many pictures I have in my gallery, this function is missing.

            Take a look at screenshots below, the first one is from Photoshop, the second one is from Autodesk's SketchBook, and the last one is from the chrome browser. The later two have access to the gallery, adobe Photoshop does not. Also they have access to Dropbox and Box, which Photoshop is lacking.


            Local Photos and Gallery do not lead to the same place.



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              ibarrien Adobe Employee



              One reason for not being able to help is that we actually use the term Gallery for what you use as "Local Photos".


              What you want is a connection to the Gallery App. I know it sounds picky but that's the reason why I couldn't understand your request.

              If you want for us or others to follow your request(s) please log an Idea.




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                Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                I know you can do the reverse. Instead of trying to open the image in PS Touch, browse to the image in Android Gallery, tap the options icon in the upper right > "Edit" > choose "PS Touch." (If you have PS Touch already open, be sure to browse to the folder you want to save the resulting project to so you don't have to move it later.)


                If it's in the cloud other than Creative Cloud, like Dropbox, you'll have to export it to the Nexus. Would be nice to import an image from there though like Sketchbook can directly. (Why are cheating in Sketchbook, btw? *Real* artists don't use photos!***)




                ***I'm just razzing ya; I do the same thing as I use Sketchbook too.  xD

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                  ibotser Level 1

                  Thanks for the reply, however, that option is not functioning in my Google

                  Nexus, even when the Photoshop Touch is open.


                  see the attached screenshot

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                    Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                    Odd. I'm using a Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi model with Jelly Bean 4.1.2.