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    Is there such a thing as dynamic directories?


      Let me clarify. I deal with formatting all day as I'm sure most of you do. Generally the workflow involves selecging a data source for a document merge and then placing photos on the spread. I point InDesign toward the data merge CSV file, but when I go to place the photos InDesign is looking at the last directory that indesign "placed" images from. Is there a way to get it so that InDesign looks to place photos from the directory that I selected the data merge file from?  In essence I'm looking for the directory location to be dynamically linked.


      I'm not entirely sure if there's something I can do to windows and not indesign to get this to work, but I figured it would be possible through InDesign


      We're dealing with a few seconds here. It's not the end of the world if there isn't a way to do this, but it sure would be nice given that the directory I'm dealing with has 300+ folders in it to navigate around.