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    Phaser 6360 won't print "ff" in InDesign documents.

    HeyKate27 Level 1

      Whenever I try to print a document that has the "ff" glyph in InDesign CS6, all I get is a blank space. If I go in and manually change it to two separate, but consecutive, f's - it will print fine.


      The ff's print fine if I first convert to a PDF.

      I'm not sure yet how it works in all other applications - I haven't noticed it anywhere else yet, but I haven't done a ton of testing.


      I am using Mountain Lion OS 10.8.2

      My printer is a Phaser 6360.

      I have the latest drivers from their website



      Does anyone know how to fix this? I've been seeking help from Xerox as well, but as this problem is isolated to InDesign documents, I figured I'd ask here too incase someone else has run into it as well.