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    I copy text, paragraph styles, character styles & images from 1 document to another only text copies

    Steve Hussey

      I have a few documents that have text and images that is frequently repeated through many chapters of an In Design book. (Printing, exporting etc.) I used to select all in the source document, Command + C to copy it, change to the target document, Command + V to paste it. It worked well for six months.


      About two weeks ago it stopped working (shortly after an update to In Design). I have text, paragraph styles, chacter styles and images in each document. Only the plain text copies over. This is the same for any document.


      I haven't changed Preferences in six months.


      I'm on a Mac 10.8.2, In Design CS6 version 8.0.1.


      It's driving me crazy! It's a lot of work to reformat each 2  to 10 pages after copying it in.


      Steven Hussey