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    Lighting Effect Used?


      I'm very interested if someone can point me in the direction they believe was used in Photoshop to effect this type of lighting in this image.  It is clear air brushing and skin toning was used to create the somewhat surreal skin surface.  But I cannot figure out if the lighting is from the Render/Lighting Effect tool, or air brushed to imulate lighting, or something else?  When I use the PS lighting effect tool, everything turns dark in the photo outside the lit target area.  Notice the shadowing on the arm and breast.  It appears the light source is coming from two opposite directions.  Any technique ideas/opinions will be be greatly appreciated.  Like if this is a multi-layer process, etc.  Not asking for a hand-holding tutorial.  Just some pointers in the right techniques direction.  Thank you anyone in advance!


      Mark Fanjoy



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          Earth Oliver Level 3

          layers, adjustment layers, blending modes and masks.


          not much to it.

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            Fanjoy Level 1

            Ha!  Easy for you to say!  Thanks, 1.eartho.  I do appreciate the response.  I figured as much.  I've just had a bear of a time finding tutorials that even come close to hinting in this direction.  Once I see something that demonstrates utilizing lighting in layers and adjustment layers, I'll be able to "tinker" with it on my own and figure it out.  It's like a reflection gradient.  Once I see the technical process, I can get creative and manipulate the reflection how I need.  It's just being in the dark about knowing the combination of tools to even begin experimenting.


            Gotta learn.  Gotta learn.  I know there's an example out there somewhere.


            Thanks again.