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    User input prompt not triggering when the dynamic stamp is applied


      Hello All,


      let me start by saying I am not a programmer and the code I have is a cut, paste, and edit that I found on some other posts that I am trying to get to work.  I understand enough of the script to know what to look for and where to get the script to but not enough to write it from scratch. 


      What I am trying to do is make a dynamic stamp that will prompt the user for date but control the format.  MMM / DD / YYYY


      Here is the script I have so far,


      if (event.source.forReal && (event.source.stampName == "7TnDwxzrhS1-zzzS38J5QC")) {


      var cAsk = "Enter Date (MM/DD/YYYY)";


      var cMsg = app.response(cAsk);


      event.value = cMsg;



      Now when I apply the stamp nothing happen.   I am expecting a box to pop up with a text field that limits what can be entered like the form tools uses.   The file name above is the file name I found in my Acrobat\11.0\Stamps so I think I am referencing the correct file.  Do I have the if statement incorrect?  Am I asking the correct questions?