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    Flash Player IE & Non-Ie Offline


      A word for tech guys @ Adobe...


      Hey, this is a joke or what? I am used to install newest versions of Flash Player // IE & Non IE for a offline/intarnet sollution that requires both versions of Flash Player to run (IE and Non-IE).


      Until now i've took these versions from filehippo.com but yesterday i saw that filehippo.com redirects the downloads to Adobe.com. Now, when i try to download the FP from Adobe, it downloads a small online installation file around of 1 MB in size instead of 15 MB that has the offline installation, so this is no use for my offline enviromental systems.


      So, 2 questions:


      How in the hell i can get full offline installation of your Flash Player (IE & Non-IE) and


      What is with all these small applications - so called web-installers??? Now when we have super speed internet connections, i have to install a web-installer for a fu***ng program/software...this is insane.



      Thanks in advance for my case...