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    easy ? on Tif overlay

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      Thanks for looking in..

      I am coming from AVID and trying to learn this CS6.  I wanted to resize my .tif file on track 2 with a movie track on track 1  I cannot find the resizer for resizing or repsotioning my Tif on my track. I right clicked (I'm on Win7 Pro BTW) the tif track and have a bunch of options I clicked through what I thought woudl be the obvious. Yet, the darn grab bars never appeared. Is there yet another hidden area I must find to finish the steps?



      Must everything be complicated in this software. I watched 5 Tutorials which are more like interface tutorials with half information. Where are the "Real Tutorials?"  Like ones that take you from start to finish creating  a project that teaches tips and tricks. Such as creating a swipe with a Tif or Creating a patb for a Tif or Jpg to move around on a time line. The ones I find are like import a vector file from Illustrator but it only shows one type of file to do that with and does not go over any other type of files to emulate or do the same thing with. Really a frustrating peice of software. </rant

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          All clips ( and assets) in Premiere have a number of "fixed effects" attached to them when they get to the Timeline (sequence)


          Put your tiff on a video layer and go to the Effects Window to see the fixed effects.. Motion, Opacity...etc


          (A Fixed effect is an effect that you do not need to apply separately  eg a blur, CC, .. etc..)


          The user help manual is worth a read.


          You want to look at the Motion fixed effect.for scaling  and postioning.

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            Thank you I will TRY and find the USER help manual if that is what it is called and if I can find it... As resizing is cleverly and mysteriously labeled  "Motion fixed effect" How to operate it and where to find it is YET another Mystery. As you did not mention where to find it or how to use it....

            I will come back tomorrow and mark helpful and correct if this was a resolve.


            As for today I called it a day and am having an I.P.A.

            Regards and thankful for your reply,


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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

              You will find that the Motion Effect has position parameters to move the image around the frame as well a Scale parameter.


              If you click on the word Motion, you should see your bounding box for manual resizing right in the Program monitor.


              The real tutorials can be found on Lynda.com, and there are a number of quite good tutorials on http://www.creativecow.net

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                I mentioned ..


                go to the Effects Window


                You will find that on the user interface



                It is not "mysteriously labeled ..Motion Fixed effect"  Those are key words to help you find what you need.


                Maybe I can suggest... Google > "Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 User Manual" or maybe you could also look at the Menu and find the Help .



                Coming from Avid..these terms ( eg Motion) should be a breeze  to you.

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                  Funny how One needs to go outside of the software to find a resource. LOL Like Microsoft and trying to find help within their software.


                  I will google that keyword instead of 'pecking around' inside the help part of the software for help.


                  From a guy who is new to the software, your first reply was  a bit vague for help. Albeit the correct solution. Thank you both just the same. Understand if you were rebuilding a 5speed mesh transmission and were to ask how to set the gears... And the reply was " Make sure you set the Large set before you set the small set". Might be clear to me, as I have done it. Yet, if you have not ever did it, that could be a bit vague. My AVID "to be clearer" is not the Symphony or Composer model. It was a consumer grade software that is much easier to use. Yet, limited on what One has control over. Hence me sticking in there and trying to learn this software. Again thank you both for the direction.



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                    The Help is in the Application if you choose to use it...but its not a Help File as we generally know them. 


                    I personally do not like it at all ...its Link based and all over the place requiring a great deal of navigating ...but whatever....


                    There are some great Video Tutorials available.  Try the basics thru advanced...from Adobe TV. and there is a ton of stuff on Youtube.  Plenty of books available as well as lessons that can be bought.


                    You need to realise that Premiere is a relatively advanced application (Pro) compared to the consumer NLEs so will take some time to learn and master.  In fact...its not very difficult once you get over the modest learning curve.


                    As regards the Effects Window.  I did not think this was too "vague"


                    go to the Effects Window to see the fixed effects.. Motion, Opacity...etc


                    Because it should be on your Premiere screen in a Panel , Window or a Tab

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      There is a slight difference.

                      The Effects window will take you to all the effects you can apply to a clip, the Effect Controls window will take you to the Fixed Effects (Motion etc.).

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                        Thanx Ann.  Correct as always.


                        EFFECTS CONTROL WINDOW

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                          Yeah except Googling for a premier pro owners manual cs6,  delivered nothing but others who feel the same about the way that one must find information about this software. Looks like you were a part of tbat ***** too back in June of this year.


                          Maybe that is why you wrote Might Google for an owners manual instead of posting a link to it  

                          I spend hours looking for one thing where I have to delve through videos and links to maybe find a solution instead of using a pdf and Cntl F and typing the term and doing a cursory check that way.  To only find out that I should create it in AE and then export / import it which then  I must start to learn even more software to complete one question with the original software.Frikin maddening. Oh and your comment of a modest learning curve is pretty condensending. BTW...Maybe after learning the WHOLE Master Suite collection I can say that too.


                          Big turn off with the way Adobe handled the help of F1 (which BTW I do use) and I think delving through videos with accents and quick mouse movements are pretty irritating. If my irratation comes out in my posts it is at the way I must find information instead of just looking it up.

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                            Part way down the page -CS6 Help PDF 12mb




                            Oh and your comment of a modest learning curve is pretty condensending. BTW...Maybe after learning the WHOLE Master Suite collection I can say that too.


                            Wasnt meant to be.  Premiere is basically the same operationally  as FCP and AVID.  (all high end NLEs)


                            Premiere is the easiest part of the suite and the learning curve is modest in regards of After Effects or Encore.

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                              No it is not too late Thank you, Steven.  I will go watch. I have watched 12 videos today. I have done a couple of lessons like using AE and creating a text that starts at the bottom of the page and goes diagonally across. Although 2 of the steps were not cohenert on my end. Like after step 8 it states "hit the End key or botton" Do not recall which but I did not find either.


                              As for the information above looking for EFFECTS CONTROL WINDOW

                              I have my effects window open and all I see in the pane in the bottom left are choices like:


                              Audio Effects

                              Audio Transitions

                              Video Effects

                              Video Transitions


                              None of what Shooternz mentioned nor Ann Bens


                              After pecking around' I tried this path. Which I had to discover on my own....


                              I did use the Window Tab and select Effect Controls and then was asked to select a clip and THEN video effects came up . (Which in hindsight and NOW knowing where it is the path was typed backwards...Relevent if you know the software.

                              So if your path was Windows/Effects Control/ select clip then under Video effects select Position, scale, etc... THEN that is the way you should share with someone how to find something, especially if they are new at the software.

                              Not ungrateful for the help, rather trying to bring you back to Earth, on helping with a correct or specific path. I spent 4 hours reasearching what a few keystrokes and a correct path could have negated.

                              So for those of you looking for the answer to my question the path is

                              Windows Tab / Select Effects Control/ you will be prompted to select a track if you have not one already selected.

                              Under Video Effects in the Top Left Hand Box Under "Motion" via the 'triangle' There is where you will find conrol of your image.



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                                Thanks for the link to the Manuel BTW I forgot to mention it. I am going to download it as my Internet goes down more then Libarachi over here. Making it even more frusrtating when looking for an answer in the haystack of Adobe.


                                Premier Pro CS6 Owners Manuel PDF direct link-http://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/premiere_pro_reference.pdf

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                                  That was a good tutorial for my question with a little extra. Perfect and Thank you!

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                                    Your actual question has been asked many many times and answered just as often...but with far less effort and time than it took for you.


                                    If you spent less time telling us how we suck at teaching you and informing us exactly  how we should be holding your hand step by step..you will make faster progress.


                                    You were given all the key words  effects, fixed effects, tab etc ( sorry for taking you a little astray with"Effects Window" instead of "Effects Control"...but Ann covered that).


                                    You were linked to the Help PDF and a page with everything you could possibly need.


                                    You got a specific tutorial...and stil you  said


                                    After pecking around' I tried this path. Which I had to discover on my own....

                                    None of what Shooternz mentioned nor Ann Bens


                                    None of us learnt Premiere in a day and most of us after many years and versions are still learning tricks, techniques and tips.


                                    In Premiere there is often many "ways to skin the cat".


                                    Pecking around is a great way for you to find your way to skin it.

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                                      Well at least I figured out your half direction and now created a proper path for the next person who is wading through this half put together manual. Such as the PDF you sent  a link to,  with 80 links on it instead of selecting the right link and posting it. Furthermore,  the pdf link to the manual cannot even tell a person how to seperate an audio track from a video track without yet another 'goose chase' over to Creative Cow. So that PDF manual is worthless and Adobe should redoux it or I would just recommend getting AVID. If you have to hack away or peck around for simple tasks maybe it is not just me.

                                      I guess it is par for the course with this software.  If you don't want to help, don't. I do not need you to hold my hand rather if you decide to hop in and give help then give it, completly with the right path(s). Not winging it, with the wrong terms and someone else has to correct it. Or posting a path backwards. I said nothing but grateful thanks even though you did it half way. Then you have to be condensending AGAIN!

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                                        This is a user to user forum. 


                                        It is not a personal tutorial site dedicated to providing tuition to an individuals specific needs and intellectual requirements.


                                        We assist each other voluntarily and we all learn as we do so. Many of us here, are experienced professionals working with professional level software and have heard these questions many times.


                                        The same answers provided to you have satisfied everyone ...but you!  Go figure.


                                        Newbies get special attention and advices ...but you are the first  (in ten years) I have ever heard complain , criticise and rant about how poor the assistance is.


                                        The forum advices proffered,  generally operate on a principle of "teach a man to fish and he will be fed for life"


                                        You were never given a "path backward".  Your comprehension of basics is lacking and maybe this is just too much software for you at this stage.


                                        Sorry but you are too needy for me to help any further (and I wont help trolls).


                                        See ya later.