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    Rescale a Pixel Mask?

    Kar209 Level 1

      Hello:                                                                                                             Level: Newbie    OS: Win7 64bit    Ps:Cs6



      I am working on a tut and it calls for the use of a Pixel Mask.


      However, once I get through it I plan to use the resulting image at various sizes.


      I am creating the image w/a canvas size of 425px by 200px and the object itself is roughly 155px by 45px (give or take a pixel or so).


      I then plan to scale it down to various sizes and so my question is will the Pixel Mask cause a problem with artifacts and interpolated bluriness?


      ie, will saving for the web at smaller sizes cause a problem with the clarity?


      Thank you in advance for your time

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should not see any issues. If you are concerned, save the file as a copy, then you can merge the layers which will create a single raster layer with out any masks. And save that out as another file.


          What ever you do , do not save out to the original file with your layers merged, as there would be no way of undoing it, once you closed that session.

          As this would make your life difficult should you want to change something later on.


          FYI, some formats do not support layers, for example if you saved your file as a jpg, you would loose your editability. Depending on the complexity of your image, you may need to start from scratch if you want to change something in the future.


          I hope I don't sound to paranoid, I am only trying to stress the consequences of loosing the layers for good.

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            Kar209 Level 1

            Hi Silk ...


            Thank you so very much for your help!! You shared great info w/me and i really really appreciate the stress you've made about saving my file!!


            I actually always save my work with all open layers and save as a native ai file and then i make a duplicate which is what i use to save for the web as .png usually i rarely save as jpeg.


            Also, i have found that if the process i am following calls for me to merge layers before the project is done i will save a copy with all the layers still open and then put that copy away and make then make a duplicate which i proceed with.


            Any way, thanx again!

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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're welcome. Have a great Holiday...

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                Kar209 Level 1

                Merry Christmas to you!!