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    How to remove unwanted objects from background while camera is moving.

    Mandla Bolekaja Level 1

      I've run into a problem.  I cannot remove an item from my video where the camera is moving. In PPro I duplicate a clip from my timeline.  I put it onto another track to work from.  I use Dynamic Link to send to AE. In AE I double click to load the clip into a Layer to work on.  I click on the Clone Stamp Tool,select an area next to unwanted item, Option click to Clone, move over to item to click to remove. I switch to View:None in the Layer then go to Window>Tracker to get Track Motion. I select Track Motion in the clip itself, then move it over the unwanted item and size it to encompass the item.  Click to Analyze.  I Choose Motion Trackers>Tracker 1>Track Point 1>Attach Point. COPY. Reset playhead to the beginning of IN Point. I Choose Paint>Clone 1>Transform:Clone 1>Position. Paste.



      For the first few frames the item is removed then as the camera moves the item returns. 

      Can anyone tell me what step am I missing?  Is there something wrong with my workflow?

      Working on CS6, Mountain Lion, iMac, 4G Ram.