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    Suggestions please


      Hello, I am curious about what you think about my animations from music, lets say this one on my channel, I rly want to hear what everyone thinks about it, what should I change.. Is the background looking good, are the animations well set.. Everything what u say will be taken open handed, so just say what you think, because I really want to implement my work on this type of animation. More answers I get from you, better will my work be. Thank you all in advance ( Url to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvG2A16n0wY )

      And please watch in HD.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, let's start with the obvious: Don't use copyrighted music. Sorry, can't see the video.



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            Coconutzor1 Level 1

            Hey Mylenium.. Probably you get a message, that the video isn't availiable in your country, because none of my friends have issues with viewing it.

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              BenjaminMarkus Level 4

              In order to give useful criticism it might be helpful to tell us what you're trying to accomplish with this video.  To me it looks like you're trying to create an animation that acts as a sort of music visualizer.  If this is the case, I think it would be more interesting if there was a lot more going on.  Also, the design of your video is so clean and geometric that I find the use of those particles that move around the white circle in the middle to be pretty distracting.  And, I'm not sure how I feel about the purple to black gradient you have as the background.  It just looks like you faded out the lower half of the animation.  Overall, I would suggest making the whole thing much more dynamic.  Try cutting up the layout of the scene, experiment with different timings, shot sizes and styles of animation.  But, then again that's just my opinion.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There's not enough going on for me.

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                  Coconutzor1 Level 1

                  Hello, thankyou for your reply.. I didn't really have a goal what to achieve with this video, I have more videos, that I do, what comes into my mind, that i think it would be looking good. I chose purple gradient, because it is a Woman singing, so it was either red, pink, or violet. I also did "ramp" effect + the mini grid, so background wouldn't be so simple. That circle in the middle is actually representing the song length. Start of the circle at the top is also the end of it, so it starts at top, in middle of the song is right at bottom, and in the end, it is on top again. Yes maybe that circle ruined the whole geometry of the animation, but i think it is a good asset too, so you don't have to check at what stage the song is. Anyway BenMarkus, thankyou for sharing your opinion, which I marked as helpful, as I said, I can use every opinion that is out there.. Too bad I can't satisfy them all