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    Down load e books into i Pad


      We purchased an E book with the title of Adobe After eEffects CS6 Visual Efects and Colmpusition Studio Techniques from Adobe Press and downloaded the file as an EPUB file onto a PC running Windows XP.  The final destination for this file is onto an iPad.  We realise that to do this we have to transfer the file via i Tunes on the PC.  The problem is that this type of file will not transfer into i Tunes for the transfer.  It would have been a lot easier if we could have called up the download on the i Pad and made a direct transfer but to our knowledge this can't be done.  Please advise. 

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Adobe Digital Editions forum.  Are you opening the ePub in Adobe Digital Editions or another application on your computer?


          You may also want to reference View e-books | iOS, Android devices - http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-editions/kb/view-e-books-ios-android.html.

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            sjpt Level 4

            You need to install Bluefire reader or similar on the iPad, and register it with your AdobeID.

            I understand you can transfer via iTunes and the read with Bluefire.


            I know that you can transfer with Dropbox.

            Dropbox will say it doesn't know how to open the file,

            but if you go to the top right widget in Dropbox you will get a dropdown of programs that Dropbox thinks can open the file,

            and that should include Bluefire.

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              You can also use the Application tab within iTunes to transfer books over.  The doc I referenced above refers you to the manufacturers website for instructions because the process could be different depending upon the application which you choose to use.

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                cinenews@bigpond.com Level 1

                The file loaded from the PC via the Dropbox but when the download to i-pad was completed a note came up advising this type of file unable to be viewed.  When selecting the widget at the top right of the screen the note states that no installed apps support the opening of this file even though a Bluefire reader has been installed which is supposed to do the job.

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                  sjpt Level 4

                  If you still want to try the Dropbox route here are some questions/suggestions. 

                  Always difficult to diagnose for someone else when it is working here. Some suggestions a bit silly, clutching at straws.

                  I haven't seen any other comments on the web of the Dropbox/Bluefire reader combination failing to work.


                  Just double checking.

                  1. You did use the right hand of three top right icons in Dropbox, with the arrow pointing down into the box?  (Goodness knows what that is meant to mean!)
                    Sounds as if you must have done, otherwise it would't have come up the the 'no installed apps' message.
                  2. Have you authorised the Bluefire reader to your AdobeID?
                    I would have thought that if you hadn't, it would be the Bluefire reader that said it couldn't open the .epub,
                    rather than Dropbox not knowing about the Bluefire reader.  But ...???
                  3. Have you run the Bluefire reader on the iPad.
                    Maybe on first run it does something to tell other apps around that it exists?
                  4. I have the following versions installed on the iPad.  Some difference here could be what is making mine work and yours not?
                    1. Dropbox Version 2.0
                    2. Bluefire Reader, Version 1.9
                    3. ios version 6.0.1 (10A523)
                    4. iPad 2 (apparantly model MV775B)


                  I just did another experiment and found that transferring the .acsm file via Dropbox works as well (for me).

                  When the .acsm file is displayed in Dropbox on the iPad it displays the xml content of the file, but still has the dropdown for 'Open in Bluefire Reader'.

                  Opening this caused Bluefire to re-dowload the .epub file direct to the iPad.




                  Another suuggestion I have seen ( http://www.pldminfo.org/search/digitaldownloads/iPadBluefire.pdf ) to avoid the need for iTunes

                  is to mail the file to yourself.  I've just tested that with both .acsm and .epub files and it works for me.

                  It probably uses the same 'cross-application' mechanism that Dropbox uses to open files,

                  but maybe for some reason it will work for you where Dropbox failed.

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                    cinenews@bigpond.com Level 1

                    I checked through all of the points that you mentioned should be inplace and found that I failed to authorise Bluefire to my Adobe even though I was shure I did.  Low and behold the file opened.


                    Thank you so much for your patience and assistance.