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    Robohelp doesn't keep legends/captions ON images


      We are using RoboHelp for many years. Again and again we have problems with legends/captions on images. In our Microsoft Word document we insert an image from file and a legend from "Insert/shape/legends" (hope it's right, we have the Word program in German language). This legend we place ON the image. When we later import that document in RoboHelp HTML the legend will be inserted as an additional image above or beside the image.

      We know that there must be a way to keep the legend ON the image, but we don't find it. Unfortunatelly our colleague who solved that problem the last time has left our company. Now we have to start new.

      We needed to change something in our documentation but can't upload it to web because of the wrong illustration in RoboHelp.


      How it looks like in Microsoft Word:

      Screenshot Word.png


      How it looks like in RoboHelp:


      Screenshot RoboHelp2.png


      We use RoboHelp 9 and Microsoft Word 2010 (also tested Word 2007).


      Can anyone help?

      Thanks in advance.