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    Embeded Videos are not played at iPad and Mac Safari



      I have embeded two videos in my project with this code from Heathrowe (thank you for this^^):


      // Begin copy here


      // create a text object called vid;


      // the text object, eveything between the quotes is nothing more than a basic snippet from w3schools for html5 video;




      var vid = $("<video width='600' height='450' controls='controls'>" +


         "<source src='videos/AcideHyaluronique.mp4' type='video/mp4' />" +


         "<source src='videos/AcideHyaluronique.ogg' type='video/ogg' />" +


         "This browser is not compatible with HTML 5" +




      var vid2 = $("<video width='600' height='450' controls='controls'>" +


         "<source src='videos/DareYourBeauty.mp4' type='video/mp4' />" +


         "<source src='videos/DareYourBeauty.ogg' type='video/ogg' />" +


         "This browser is not compatible with HTML 5" +






      // stage symbol lookup, and append the above vid object to it;


      // in other words, get the div called 'vcontainer' and attach the video control to it;






      // additional options for the video object






      // End copy here


      It works in all browsers but Safari (for Mac and iPad). Any suggestions?